Where and When to Vote for SFF Awards

We are already full on into awards nomination and voting season. If you’re not sure when or how to nominate, here’s a quick round up.

Also, a plea! If you’re eligible to nominate or vote, do so! The awards are about voting for things you loved, you don’t have to have read everything to love one thing.

British Science Fiction Association Awards

Nominations: If you are a member of BSFA or attending EasterCon, you can nominate by sending your nominations to the Awards Administrator.  between September and December each year.

Voting: Members vote on the long list during January, which results in a shortlist with at least three works in each category.

Between January and Easter, voting is open for BSFA and EasterCon members to select works from the shortlist. Winners are announced at EasterCon.

British Fantasy Awards

Nominations: There’s no official nomination process, but there is an open, crowd sourced suggestion list.

Here’s where to suggest works [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bl6_E-hM3rreKGvM2IVuJxeCTCD70f-A9nK2Sc6AOkY/viewform].

Members of the British Fantasy Society and FantasyCon attendees vote for their recommendations Jan–March 2016.

Jury work happens in April–July. Shortlist is announced in April.

Winners are announced at FantasyCon, which is usually held in September.

Hugo Awards

Nominations: You have to be a registered member of WorldCon to nominate. You can become one here: http://midamericon2.org/registration/.

Nominations will open before the end of January 2016. Voting starts early May 2016.

Winners are announced at Worldcon in August.

Nebula Awards

Nominations: There’s no official long list, but SWFA produce a ‘recommended reading’ list, and you have to be at least an affiliate SFWA member to recommend a work.


Voting happens during March and is only open to full SFWA members.

Awards are announced at the Nebula Awards Weekend in May.

The Shirley Jackson and World Fantasy Awards are also great sources of wonderful stories, but they are both selected by jury and are not open to nominations from the public.

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