I Heart Short Stories

Aw, yeah, you guys!

I’m now co-host of a podcast. It’s called Storyological.

Me and the lovely Chris K wanted to read more short stories, and missed talking about stories in the detailed, enthusiastic way we used to at Clarion, or for Chris during his MFA.

The solution to this, obviously, was to turn it into a project and a podcast, and share our love of short stories with everyone. I love how it’s it’s giving us a chance to share back with the world and communities we love.

Reviewers are even saying lovely things about it:

“Gets at the heart of what makes short fiction unique, beautiful, and interesting

“Emma and Chris are funny, thoughtful, and enthusiastic about the fiction they discuss. And they have great taste!”

We love doing it, and hope you love listening. Check it out at www.storyological.com.

And hit us up on Twitter @storyological with your recommendations for stories to read.


Also, I made this rather grotesquebeautiful illustration in the header to use as our cover art :)

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