You came! How lovely.

Hi, I’m a writer. Pleased to meet you.

This is my website. But you figured that out, right? Because that’s my name over there on the left.

Examples of my writing are at the links below.

Dear Stalker – A letter from an emo girl to her stalker. She’s super keen to meet him.
Baby Doll – It’s a piece of flash fiction about a mail order baby. What else can I say, except sorry.
How to… be the perfect height – Timeless advice for all young ladies.
Free From ‘Funny’ Forwards – A template letter to help you with those pesky e-mail forwards
Blogger’s Last Adieu – A poem concerning the existential angst of blogging. And being un-followed by spambots from Korea.
How to… pick the perfect kid’s lingerie – New mums everywhere are falling over themselves to follow my fashion advice.